Welcome to my website.


As a singer, I give recitals, and can perform at corporate and private events. Which may include company parties, weddings, or ceremonies to remember loved ones. Please see my repertoire list for the titles of the songs I sing. If your preferred song or aria isn't included in this list, I can also take requests from clients if enough notice is given.


Do you want to learn how to sing? Or improve your singing? Are you preparing for any singing exams? If one or all of these questions describe you, then read on. I teach various styles of singing to pupils from beginners to intermediate level. The styles I cover range from the classical through to the modern day music theatre, popular music and Gospel. I focus on vocal technique and development, confidence building, repertoire interpretation, and performing techniques. Please see my teaching link to find out more.


I lead workshops for children and adults. These workshops have various themes which can be modified to suit the participants. They are mostly geared to encourage movement, physical awareness, and improvisation, exploring the voice, singing harmonies, playing musically stimulating games, acting, and working with art materials. Please see my Workshops link for more information. I hope you enjoy your time here. Do feel free to contact me if you need any more information. Meanwhile, keep singing if you already do, and keep the love of music alive if you don't.